Pouches Packaging

Pouches Packaging.com specializes in pouches packaging, form fill seal manufacturing and pouch filling services for cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, sun care, and household products. 

Our professional sources are ready to support your needs, including the following pouches and packaging capabilities:  liquid filling, lotion filling, gels, towelettes, swabsticks, tablets, and custom designs.  


            Pouches - form fill seal            Pouches - custom
            Pouches - liquids           Pouches - die cut
            Pouches - lotions           Pouches - hangers
            Pouches - powders           Pouches - wipes
            Pouches - tablets           Pouches - tri-pack
             Pouches - swabsticks           

  • Pouching sizes: small, medium, large 
  • Pouch styles: singles, tandems, tri-packs
  • Pouch Films: varying to suit client needs 
  • Pouch Filling range: 0.125oz to 5oz typical
  • Pouch filling: liquids, creams, lotions, gels, powders, tablets
  • Pouch packaging: towelettes, swab sticks, display cards, samplers
  • Custom pouches: Die cut shapes, hang hole, bottle, neck hanger, coupons
  • Additional pouch capabilities: stand-up pouches, beverage pouches
  • Secondary packaging: cartons, display boxes, wrapping, and tipping to cards

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EMAIL:     service@contractpackage.com